it's the little things...

I've always loved a good homemade gift over something bought from a store, and I tend to think most people feel this way too...  deep down I think we all can agree that our thoughts and intention goes a long, long way these days.  A handmade gift says, "hey, so i might be pretty busy but i carved out some time for you,  and I made this, because your pretty darn cool (and heaps special). I love you :).

Handmade craft/gift with essential oil is a people pleaser + smells heavenly + they are healthy, and you get to create them in the heart of every home, the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where your mind can wander with creativity, nurture and love. The essential oil aroma combined with a body butter or bath salts or spruce linen spray packaged in that homey feel makes that little gift evolve into a huge big loving feeling.

rosemary citrus body butter

To make this butter, melt together 1/2 cup organic coconut oil, 1/2 cup organic shea butter, 1/4 cup vitamin e oil, 1/4 cup organic beeswax pellets.  once translucent and melted together, pour this liquid into small glass containers, mason jars work well.  depending on the size of your jar, add several drops of quality essential oils to your liking.  For a small mason jar, I use five drops of orange EO, five drops of grapefruit EO, and five drops of rosemary EO, so fifteen drops total.  The combination of citrus and herb is one of my faves.  I tend to lean towards pairing an acid with an earth element when making lotions, balms, and butters because the result is usually uniquely uplifting, yet grounding.


floral bath salts with dried lavender flowers

This is the easiest recipe ever, yet it produces a really beautiful and spa quality product, one that is calming for bath time.  Pour epsom or magnesium flake salts into your preferred container filling it half way.  Again, i use small mason jars for this because i always have them on hand. Add 10-15 drops of a blend of floral EO's of your choice. Bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, rose, lemon, coriander, tangerine, Jasmine, and frangipani all work well.  After adding your desired blend of essential oil, throw in a few dried lavender flowers.  This not only adds a beautiful element to your salt mixture, but tell me, who doesn't love taking a good soak in a steaming lavender bath?  it's luxurious!  after this step, fill your jar the rest of the way with more bath salts, leaving a little room at the top.  Give it a good shake.  you're done! Just add a palmful to a warm bath time routine and enjoy.

lavender spruce linen spray 

We adore spruce sprays in this home.  In fact, they have become part of our bedtime routine, and I am always changing them up according to the season.  I do however almost always add lavender oil EO as the base of my spray because it helps us sleep and is really soothing.  For winter, i prefer adding oils that reflect this season's nature, such as pine, spruce, and fir.  i chose jasmine EO as its my fave and it smells ridiculously yummy.  to make this linen spray, add a small pinch of fine sea salt to a small amber spray bottle.  the oil needs something to hug and bind to, thus the salt.  add ten drops of lavender oil EO and five drops of jasmine EO  to the bottle, swirl that around so the oil and salt marry.  Fill the rest with distilled water and shake.

And for the final piece of this love gift, labeling!  One can go about this however they so choose, but I have quite enjoyed using my handy little embossing tool to give my homemade goodies a fun and original label.  Make sure to get a few extra rolls of tape for when you inevitably run out. It's a bummer when you're mid-way through typing body butter and the tape expires, leaving you with the ever so lovely b o d y b u t t label.  Come to think of it, some of my friends may favor your more clever label names.

Happy crafting, friends, and don't forget to make a few extra of these for yourself. ;)