‘I will not be triumphed over.’


The last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The fearless leader. The seducer of the Roman rulers. Her life, full of mystery & love affairs continues to intrigue the world. By the time of her sudden death, glory would be hers. Cleopatra changed the world by persuading Julius Caesar to help her defeat her husband & brother so she could become sole supreme ruler over Egypt.

Centuries later, Cleopatra still beguiles us. Much has been written about the Pharoah’s beauty: Roman consul Cassius would speak of ‘a woman of surpassing beauty’. In actuality, her beauty is the greatest myth that defines her legacy. It also undermines her real power. Cleopatra did not seduce Antony and Caesar with her beauty, but rather with her wit, charm & intellect.

Cleopatra loved the scents of Neroli, Rose & Blue Lotus & used their aphrodisiac qualities to seduce Caesar & Mark Anthony. She honoured the goddess of love & sexuality, Hathor, who was associated with both Myrrh & Sandalwood. Cleopatra used almond oils as part of her skin \care regimen.

Rub a bit of Cleopatra's magic on you xo

Sisterhood Empowered Women - Cleopatra

Ingredients: Neroli, Rose, Blue Lotus, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Almond Oil.

I do not admire her affairs or violent mercilessness. I see her as an inspiring figure because of her vision: her vision to make Egypt flourish. She used and embraced both her feminine and masculine traits. The onlooker was not stunned by Cleopatra’s beauty in itself but by the sound of her voice, the persuasiveness of her talk and her ability to speak almost any language. Her thirst for power and excellence made her thrive and then brought her to her deathbed. Like all great figures that hold too much passion within them, there is a rise and fall, but her story lives on.