Florence Nightingale was a writer, nurse and statistician that cared deeply for those around her. On a very normal day in 1837, Florence felt as though she was called by God to go into the field of nursing. Back then, this was no ordinary feat because women were supposed to stay at home and fill their role there. Nursing was not considered a suitable occupation for a well-educated woman and nurses were considered coarse and ignorant and given to promiscuity and drunkenness. Florence had other plans and she knew that God did as well. For a woman like Florence to make such an impact during the war is mind boggling. She is most known for her role in the Crimean War and people still talk about it to this day.

She was called to help the wounded soldiers of this war because she knew the soldiers were not getting the care they needed to survive. She served along many other nurses that she personally trained. Throughout her time with all of these dying soldiers, she realized that poor sanitary reasons was one of the main reasons these men were dying so rapidly, she would later be a great advocate of sanitary living.

She realized God’s role for women and did a lot to help the movement of women, during that time. Florence also went on to show that nursing was an acceptable role for women to take. After all, she had made such an amazing contribution during the war. Florence used the knowledge and strength that God gave her to write and publish several books on hospital planning and organization. Her efforts surely saved thousands of lives.

As Florence was a feminine carer, and a natural healer with a detail to sanitary - thats what is brought into her aroma. 

Rub a bit of Florence Nightingale magic on you xo

Sisterhood Empowered Women Perfume - Florence Nightingale

Ingredients: Lavender, Green Tea, Tea Tree, Roman Chamomile and Almond oil