You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us. Sappho

Sappho was one of the first published female writers who was referred to by Plato as one of the greatest poets. Though a lot of her poems have been lost, she has remained as a huge influence for both females and men in the writing world.

Sappho is no ordinary poet. For the better part of three millennia, she has been the subject of furious controversies—about her work, her family life, and, above all, her sexuality. In antiquity, literary critics praised her “sublime” style, even as comic playwrights ridiculed her allegedly loose morals. Legend has it that the early Church burned her works. (“A sex-crazed whore who sings of her own wantonness,” one theologian wrote, just as a scribe was meticulously copying out the lines that Obbink deciphered.)

Sappho's sent allures the scent of greek, mystical and mythical writings, and the balance of masculinity and femininity



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