An Empowered Woman - {Sisterhood perfumes}

There is an aroma about an empowered woman that is undeniably attractive, yet has nothing to do with the stereotyped beauty and norms. She is dedicated to explore who she is, and is willing to stand up for herself and has the strength to go out and get it. Empowerment is a moment by moment journey by the decisions and action we make in the circumstances of our lives. If we, as women can make more decisions from a place of inner strength we will create a better, inspiring and more meaningful life.

An empowered woman...

  • Takes responsibility for her life. An empowered woman owns her shit. She continues to learn, heal and grow. She overcomes fears, wounds, sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs that hold her back. She is astutely aware she has to heal her past wounds, forgive and let go, in order for her to rise from the insanity of recreating unhealthy patterns. 
  • She makes her own rules. An empowered woman knows she is the narrative to her own life. She is not dictated by the norms and expectations of society. She questions the limiting and barbaric rules, and knows she doesn't have to walk down that path. She dances to her own truth and beliefs.
  • She honours herself. An empowered woman owns the right of loving herself and the important's of honouring who she is. She is aware that if she does not give this gift to herself, she is incapable of giving that to anyone else.
  • She lives by her inner compass. An empowered woman listens to, speaks from and acts upon her inner knowing. She trusts her intuition. and isn't afraid to act upon it.  She is in constant conversation with her mind, body,  heart and soul. She knows when something feels right and when it doesn't.
  • She values her passions. An empowered woman structure their life around there passions and what makes them feel happy, content and inspired. They know they are entitled and worthy of living a remarkable life,  and its up to them to create it.
  • She chooses empowering relationships. An empowered woman surrounds herself with a tribe that understands and supports her belief in an inspired life. These relationships encourage and support each other to rise the bar for a greater humanity.
  • She takes a stand. An empowered woman knows what she stands for, and so does everyone else. She cant sit back and accept the injustices of life. She voices her concerns, embodies her message, and is a living testament for that cause.
  • She develops a relationship with fear. An empowered woman is courageousness, but not fearless.  She looks fear in the eye, knows its wrong, and courageously goes towards changing it.  She fights for her cause, even though she is scared.
  • She empowers other women. We are most empowered when we work together and support one another. An empowered woman empowers others with her commitment to kindness, support, and acceptance. She realises that we are not in competition with one another, and that another women's beauty and influence is a gift that can lift humanity to uplift society. She works in alliance with all that is good, resulting in a network that empowers one another.
  • She owns her own pleasure. An empowered woman knows that she is worthy of  love, happiness and pleasure. They allow themselves to bath in the pleasures of life. They enjoy good food, play out in the sunshine, wear beautiful clothes, smell the flowers, and soak themselves in beautiful aromas. They are activist in the injustices, yet know they need to balance it with pleasure.

I draw strength from empowered women throughout history to current day. These women inspire, uplift, and encourage me. They make me believe that I can be better then I am, believe in myself, and make a difference in this world.

From their inspiration, I have been inspired to bring about the SISTERHOOD PERFUMES. I have researched empowered women throughout history... their courage and pleasures and alchemized an aroma that best represents them.

I used these SISTERHOOD PERFUMES as a reminder of how strong a woman can be. How beautiful a woman can be. And how a woman can inspired others. I use there magic, to create my magic. I believe I can rub their magic on to me.

SISTERHOOD PERFUMES {An Empowered Women} - has 12 roller perfumes in their range. I will dedicate a blog to each of these inspiring women. Until then lets honour CLEOPATRA - NEFERTITI - ROSA PARKS - FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE - MARY MAGDALENE - BOUDICCA - SAPPHO - MIRABAI - AUDREY HEPBURN - MOTHER TERESA - PRINCESS DIANA - JOAN OF ARC