Biophilia definition: a desire or tendency to commune with nature...

Biophilia refers to the healing power of Mother Nature {Gaia}.

We are innately drawn to the great outdoors. When we're in nature and around other living organism's, we gain perspective and see things more clearly. Life seems simpler, yet more magical. When surrounded in nature, nothing else matters, you're in the moment and time seems to stand still. 

Nature has a positive effect on a person's wellbeing... thats a fact. We thrive physically, mentally and emotionally when we are exposed to nature. Being out in the great outdoors puts you in a positive state of mind, and improves social relationships.

Sunshine alone is healing. Not only does it increase the amount of serotonin (the neurochemical associated with happiness) your brain produces, its also important for healthy skin and balancing hormones. Also, you need sunlight to help regulate your circadin rhythm to ensure you sleep well at night. The power of the sun is truly divine.

"Earthing" or "Grounding" is woundrous for balancing and healing. Take your shoes off and wander bare feet on the Earth.. the sand, or grass, or mountain, or ocean.. literally grounding yourself in nature. It can calm your nervous system and help you get rid of stress.

Being out in nature is free, and accesible day and night. It offers a sense of freedom, no rules.. its truly is a pure gift.