CINNAMON - cinnamomum ceylanicum


Cinnamon, which has the scientific name Cinnamomum zeylanicum, originated in tropical Asia, and was particularly widely used in Sri Lanka and India. Now, the shrub is grown in almost every tropical region of the world. The herb, owing to its vast medicinal uses, has found a prominent position in traditional medicines, especially in Ayurveda, which is the traditional Indian medicinal system.

For the medicine cabinet x. Cinnamon essential oil helps in curing problems of the respiratory tract such as congestion of the lungs, throat infections, cold and flu .Cinnamon essential oil has strong analgesic properties which make it very effective for relieving pain. People suffering from arthritis and pain in the joints can be highly benefited with the use of this oil. A few drops of the oil can be used in the form of a warm compress for relief. The oil also reduces inflammation.

The antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties of cinnamon essential oil help in relieving infections of the stomach and bladder.

Cinnamon essential oil can be used on minor cuts and wounds for healing. However, it should be used on a carrier oil is high dilution if it has to be directly applied on the skin. It facilitates healing by stopping the flow of blood from the wounds .

For cleaning/the home x. Cinnamon is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. Powerful against mold, it’s a great addition to homemade mold and mildew spray. Ground cinnamon and its essential oil are both effective against pests. Sprinkle the ground cinnamon anywhere that pests are seen or apply pure undiluted cinnamon essential oil to the areas with a cotton swab.

For the mind/nervous system x. Cinnamon essential oil is a known as brain tonic and hence it is very effective in fighting stress, depression and anxiety. It has a very soothing effect on the nerves and brings a marked improvement in the functioning of the brain.

For spiritual + meditation x. Angelica is said to connect us to the Angelic realms and supports integration and balance of the etheric bodies. Angelica essential oil protects from negative energies and bombardment as well.

For beauty x. Cinnamon essential oil has high antioxidant properties that help in fighting signs of aging on the skin. The oil helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and helps in keeping the skin firm for longer. The oil also has astringent properties which help in reducing excessive secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. So, it helps in curbing outbreak of acne and pimples. Cinnamon essential oil also helps in curing scabies disease on the skin.

Since cinnamon essential oil is rich in antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties, it can be very effectively used as a mouthwash. It helps in preventing tooth decay by getting rid of the bacteria. As a result, the gums are also healthy. Gargling with a glass of warm water mixed with a few drops of cinnamon essential oil acts as a mouthwash and provides fresh breath.

For cooking x. Cinnamon essential oil is a quick and easy way to infuse food with a distinctive cinnamon warmth and dusky spiciness. Although food grade edible, take care when using culinary essential oils – one drop is the equivalent to one heaped tablespoon of cinnamon.

Cinnamon essential oil is a versatile flavour which works equally well in sweet and savoury recipes. Try adding a single drop of cinnamon essential oil to a coffee ice cream mixture, use a small amount to flavour dough or cake mixes, create flavoured sugar syrups for cocktails and mulled wine, or even add a drop into a lamb and prune tagine.

Other uses x. Cinnamon has a very distinct spicy, sweetish, warm aroma that is highly stimulating. It also improves blood circulation  and blood flow to the sexual organs, thus acting as a sexual stimulant .


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