CITRONELLA CEYLON - cymbopogon nardus


While most people immediately think of insect repellants when they think of citronella oil, this citrus-scented essential oil, which is distilled from the leaves of the Cymbopogon nardus grass, is actually good for much more than keeping the bugs away.

For the medicine cabinet x. Citronella essential oil is a tonic, which means that it will help tone the muscles of the stomach and intestines, aiding in the overall digestive process.

This oil will also ramp up the functioning of the bladder, acting as a diuretic, and therefore helping to cleanse the body of toxic buildup and fat deposits.

Citronella oil can be used on skin wounds to prevent infection and to help with the development of scar tissue.

The smell of citronella essential oil will also help to relief the congestion of thoughts that comes with illness, creating instead a sense of calm and balance.

Citronella essential oil can help increase circulation, which means that it has a warming effect on the body.

For cleaning/ the home x.Used in a spray bottle, citronella oil can disinfect surfaces around the home.

It's also a fungicidal, so it can be an excellent alternative to commercial cleaners meant for bathroom showers and other places that tend to grow fungi and moulds.

On top of this, citronella oil will both kill the bacteria that cause bad odors and will cover over rank smells with its own refreshing scent.

Because of these properties, citronella essential oil can be a great natural deodorant and is, in fact, often used as an ingredient in commercial underarm deodorants.

As citronella is much cheaper than many essential oils, using it around the house is economically possible.

For the mind/nervous system x. The fresh, citrus scent of citronella oil can lift the mood

For spiritual + meditation x. Lemongrass Essential Oil brings calm and helps center one with the simplicity of forgiving; ourselves and others. It teaches us the balance of “Forgive and Forget”. Once we realize that we are who we are and all choices have been made by us, Creator will uplift the spirit to see that freedom of choice is only one of the many gifts he has given unto us. Lemongrass Essential Oil is one of the Angelic Fragrances.
Lemongrass Essential Oil is cleansing for the physical that impedes the spiritual. For times when the emotions are embedded in misery and unable to escape from it, and in need of help to overcome it.

For beauty x. Citronella oil can be used on skin wounds to prevent infection and to help with the development of scar tissue.

Other uses x. Citronella essential oil is an excellent insect repellant. Although it's normally used to repel mosquitoes, it is also helpful in getting rid of moths, flies, fleas, and ants.

In the home and on the patio, use citronella oil in an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer as a general insect repellant. More specifically, you can put a few drops of citronella oil on a cotton ball or a rag, which you can then place in a spot that may attract bugs, such as the kitchen windowsill and the floor of the pantry.

Citronella oil can also be used as a personal insect and mosquito repellant when applied directly to the skin; generally, this oil isn't sensitising, but do test it on a small patch of skin before using it undiluted.


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