ANISEED, star anise - Pimpinella anisum


Star Anise essential oil, has a beautiful, fresh, sweet, spicy, liquorice-like aroma. Aniseed has been used for centuries in natural cough and cold remedies. Medicinally, it is perhaps best known as a main ingredient in 'gripe water'. In ancient Rome the seeds were included in a spice cake to aid digestion after a meal. It is also well known as an ingredient in popular liquors.

For the medicine cabinet x. The health benefits Aniseed Essential Oil is known of As one of the strongest essential oils of all, aniseed should only be used with great care but the results can be incredible.

You can use anise oil to relieve the symptoms of colds as it will loosen phlegm on the chest and ease congestion quickly. 

Used topically, anise essential oil has some pretty strong antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties too. It will help prevent infection in wounds and speed up the healing process.

When massaged into the skin around the affected area, anise essential oil can help reduce the pain and inflammation and improve the blood circulation.

Anise oil will help reduce and calm the spasms and relax the muscles.

Anise essential oil is also an effective anti-fungal that can fight fungal infections such as candida.

For the mind/nervous system xAniseed oil is a wonderful relaxant and can help you breathe better.

For spiritual + meditation x. Anise Essential Oil encourages and stimulates the conscious mind, opening it to the Universe and the realization that we all play a part.Sprinkle a couple of drops Anise Essential Oil onto your pillow at night, to protect from nightmares. Use 10 to 15 drops Anise Essential Oil in your bath for purification.

For the home/cleaning x. Aniseed is packed with antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is extremely useful for dealing with mould when added to a paste. Put a few drop is a spray bottle and use as a multi-purpose spray to ensure a germ free home.

For beauty x. Aniseed EO kills lice and bugs. Add a few drops to your shampoo to get rid of the kid head lice. It is also often used as flavoring in toothpaste, where its antiseptic qualities help flavor the breath and keep teeth clean.

Other uses x. The oil has a rich and sweet scent, like liquorice, and is used extensively in food and sweets manufacture.Aniseed is used to flavor cough lollies and aniseed balls as its flavor is sweet and distinctive. In cough lollies, it is famed for its ability to relieve bronchial complaints.


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