CAMPHOR - cinnamomum camphora


Fossilized tree resin that can be millions of years old is where Amber essential oil comes from. It is a dark brownish red colour and quite thick. It has a smoky, leathery, woody-dry fragrance with a hint of pine and balsamic overtones.

For the medicine cabinet x. Amber EO is effective in the treatment of many conditions including asthma, rheumatism, epilepsy, jaundice, bladder and kidney conditions. As amber has analgesic properties it is effective when used as a local pain killer. It can be applied directly where pain exists and will bring relief in a relatively short period of time. It is also known to be an anti-spasmodic agent which means Amber oil can assist in treating spasms experienced in the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.

Amber oil  can bring relief to those suffering from chest congestion and associated breathing problems that can accompany a cold or flu by breaking up mucus. As an anti-inflammatory Amber assists in reducing the swelling that can result from an injury as well as around muscles and joints and with analgesic properties it can promote faster healing of wounds and abrasions.

For the mind/nervous system x.  Studies have shown that Amber oil relaxes brain waves (alpha, beta and theta waves) through its psychoactive effect. It soothes the mind and helps fight problems such as depression, anxiety and stress . Soaking in a bath in which a few drops of amber oil are added can be an excellent relaxant before going to bed. It promotes sleep.

For meditation xAmber is a very powerful, a very magical substance with absolutely unique vibrations of comfort, support, and drawing away negativity. A gentle anointing oil, Amber purifies the body, heart and spirit by opening us to unconditional love. It’s warming, stimulating, clarifying and calming qualities help us to accept change and remove self-imposed obstacles by instilling a sense of courage and confidence.

For the home/cleaning x. n/A

For beauty x. Amber oil is used for skin rejuvenating massages. It refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the growth of new cells, thereby lending anti-aging benefits for the skin. The best way to use the oil for skin is to put 2 to 3 drops in the water used for facial steaming. It clears pores and lends sheen to the skin. The oil can also be used for scalp massages for rejuvenation of hair follicles .

Colour x.  Dark brownish red colour

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