ORANGE - Citrus sinensis


Sweet orange EO has a sweet, fresh and tangy scent, that evokes a positive emotion in almost everyone. Its an aroma that people grow up with that lifts the spirit while providing a calming influence.

For the medicine cabinet x. Orange oil has amazing curative properties for healing various stomach problems, such as; indigestion and bloating. Add orange EO to carrier oil and rub gently on the skin over the tummy area. This is sure to provide a quick and soothing relief. It is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene and helps in maintaining normal cellular regeneration. If you are suffering from insect bites, using orange oil can take away the itching sensation and cool the area.

For the mind/nevous system x. Orange brings happiness and peace to the mind. It contains an amazing soothing ingredient linalool that helps relieves tension, stress and creates a peaceful and calm emotion. Simply sniffing the scent of orange oil can create a state of peace in your mind. Orange oil is a great tonic to soothe headaches, simply add a few drops to your fingertips and gently massage the temple area for a soothing relief.

For the home/cleaning x. Being a good anti-bacterial and anti-septic agent, orange oil can be added to water and used as a household cleaner. You can make a spritzer bu combining clean water, orange EO and Epsom salts. Spritz the mixture over kitchen countertops and table tops and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Very eco-friendly, economical + brings peace and calmness to your home. Oranges contain an ingredient that wards off insects, ticks, flies, moths and mosquitoes. Dab a piece of cotton wool with orange oil and place it in closets and cupboards to repel insects. You can even rub orange oil to your skin to ward off mozzies.

For beauty x. Rubbing orange oil to your skin can give you a scented and refreshing feel. What’s more is that you can apply orange oil onto your skin to keep mosquitoes away when going to a tropical island that’s sure to be infested with flying insects.

More ideas x. Combine many ingredients of your choice together with orange oil to create a pot pourri.

Colour x. yellow to orange in color and watery in viscosity.

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