About Us

Holy frankincense, I’m super passionate about essential oils {Eo’s}, let me tell you why...

If you take a whiff of peppermint, it uplifts you and puts a bit of zest in your life. If your feeling anxious or cant get to sleep, you inhale some lavender and begin to relax and feel all cozy and comfy. You can blend many, many {EO’s} to stimulate and enhance all sorts of moods and emotion, for your mind, body & soul.

But the coolest thing? They’re 100% natural! They are made from God’s own creation, of plants and tree’s. They have no hidden, toxins and chemicals, and you can even cook with them.

{EO’s} are not that expensive, yet so versatile. The same essential oil can be used for skin care, healing, perfume, house hold cleaning, children, pet care, and emotional health.

ALSO they have amazing and abundant medicinal purposes, ranging from antiviral to antiseptic... and I being a cancer survivor and thriver, this immensely intrigued me, to find out further how these divine liquid essence’s can be an added weapon to ensure a long, healthy and happy life.

Traditional cultures have been using {Eo’s} for purification, religious ceremonies and medicinal purposes. They’re mentioned in ancient sages (frankincense and myrrh ring a bell?), and now in modern times there still raved upon... WHY?

{Eo’s} have a positive effect on both the MIND and the BODY (and I also say SPIRIT!) {EO’s} stimulate the limbic system which cause the release of neurotransmitters, including pain-reducing encephalin, pleasure-producing endorphins, relaxing serotonin, and stimulating noradrenaline. (AKA, stimulating moods)

Because {Eo’s} are lipid-soluble. they penetrate cell membranes and can affect every cell in the body within 20 minutes. {EO’s} oils stimulate blood flow and detoxify the cells and the blood in the body, which increases nutrient and oxygen supply to your cells. {Eo’s} are some of the most powerful known antioxidants. (Which means super dooper health).

So yep, essential oil smell great, but never ever underestimate there healing properties, and just how darn happy and uplifted they make ya feel. Xx